Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Zbrush - Perforce


Project Vulturine

Group project done for the Ubisoft Game lab competition.
Real time render in UDK.
Work done: Level design, Level art composition and placement, modeling/texturing, lighting, post-process
Time: 1 month and a half

Part of the Ubisoft Game lab competition, an inter-university competition, we were required to create a new game from the ground up and submit a working prototype to be evaluated against other university entrants by expert judges from Ubisoft.

As part of the Centre Nad team of 5 people, I was responsible for the level design of the first part of the game and i was responsible for the creation of the environment. I designed the map for the prototype, and modeled, textured and put together most of the environment.


Character Modeler/ FX- Agustin Trechi
Environment Artist/ Level Design- Viro Nhek
Animation/ FX- Michael Meltchenko
Animation/ Level Design- Fanny Campagnie
Animation/ Rigging- Youssef Semache

-Winner of the best design award
- Winner of the best animation award

Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Perforce