Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Zbrush - Perforce


Project Frenzy

Group project done at Centre Nad
Live footage of gameplay. Real time render in UDK.
Work done: level design, level art integration, modeling/textures

Frenzy is a game that was created in the span of 4 months in a production style environment designed to resemble game production methods in the industry.

10 artists, 5 programmers
AGILE method implemented for group work
Perforce for file sharing

I was level designer and level artist on the project.

Responsabilities: Designing the level layout, Integration in UDK, Collision creation, Modeling, Texturing, Optimization

Some of the assets i created for the map:

Integration in UDK:

Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Perforce