Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Zbrush - Perforce


Project Chase

Project done at Centre Nad
Live footage of gameplay. Real time render in UDK.
Work done: level design, level art integration, modeling/textures, lighting, particles
Time: 1 month

I was required to create the environment for a chase scene gameplay of 150 meters set in the universe of Gangs of New York (Martin Scorcese movie).

The project had the particularity that only one month was allowed for its production. This was to test the limit of how much a student can accomplish in this short a time.

The environment: level design, models, textures, integration and placement of props in UDK, lighting, particles and post process was all done by me.

Animation and gameplay integration by Fanny Campagnie
Characters by Agustin Trechi

Level Design and Level Art - 3dsmax - UDK - Photoshop - Perforce